science scout badges duly earned

From left to right: The that’s right people, I’m an artist, but I do science-y art and it’s cool badge. The I could tell you about my research, but then I’d have to kill you badge. The I use twitter to spread science badge. The astronaut badge (LEVEL I). Whereby the recipient has used a spacecraft simulator. The astronaut badge (LEVEL II). Whereby the recipient has actually been aboard a spacecraft. The non-explainer badge (LEVEL I). Where the recipient can no longer explain what they do to their parents. The I’ve set fire to stuff badge (LEVEL I). In which the recipient has set fire to stuff, all in the name of general scientific curiosity. The science has forced me to seek medical attention badge. The have used a dental drill and I’ve never been a dentist badge. The world’s foremost expert on an obscure subject badge. The I’m into telescopes astro badge (LEVEL I). The I can say ‘Danger: High Voltage!’ (or something to that effect) in more than one language badge.

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