Monthly Archives: February 2011

post-messagio mukluk

performance of She Was a Visitor, photo by rob mclennan

Messagio Galore (take VII) was much fun. I found the experience draining but exhilarating. I was ridiculously proud of us as a group, an entity, a coven, a cabal. I particularly loved the version of “She Was A Visitor“. Loved passing back high notes and hearing the soundscape wobble and working with an even larger group of friends. Quite pleased that I did not pass out or cough during “Artikulation”. Video recording indicates that I was sufficiently loud. Even VERY LOUD at points.

You can check out John W. MacDonald’s grouped photo of the event here. Also, rob mclennan and Pearl Pirie recorded their impressions of the event here and here. Much thanks to all three and to all who attended.