Nouveau New Nuevo

Another year. I’ve been appallingly bad at updating this blog. It could be because of the wedding. But more likely it’s because I’ve been working more than ever this year with the full-time job, the part-time bookbinding work, and various other parceled portions of day-to-day that subsume. I’ve also tried updating the radio show archive several times over the past few months and it is resisting my files for some unknown reason. To be determined! It won’t let me add subtle links or photos either. WordPress wishes me silent? Husha!

Determination. My resolution for this year is to be resolved in all things. I’d like to read from Conflict (  across the Dominion. I’d like to visit some friends in the Maritimes that I haven’t seen in some time. I’d like to get my beautiful Improved Pearl press moving. I’ve begun playing with it but need to figure out how to work in my corner of a shared basement.

I’d like to find room in my head. If a person requires a room of their own then that’s where I need it. It’s more than physical space. My brain lacks barriers and time for contemplation.

I intend to be pyromorphic.

I’d like to become more active in supporting those around me. In the broader political human sense and the personal familial sense.

Thinking on the Idle No More movement and forwarding thusly this letter from CWILA (Canadian Women in Literary Arts) expressing support for Chief Spence and the Idle No More movement:

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