Reviews, interviews, and so on.


Random round-up of reviews, interviews, and other online novelties primarily relating to Conflict, dating from the recent to semi-recent. May update as I troll through the detritus of my memory to add more.

Reviews of Conflict (BookThug, 2012)

Review of Conflict by Meredith Darling, Matrix (summer 2013)
(no online link yet!)

Secret Lives of Letters by Melissa Dagleish (Canadian Literature)

Cassie Leigh reviews Conflict (Grey Borders site then OpenBook Ontario)

Brief review by Cameron Anstee

review (on the difficulties of reviewing spouse) by rob mclennan in the Prairie Fire Review of Books

A Knockout Debut by Grady Harp (Literary Aficionado)

Reviews of Notes from a Cartywheel (AngelHousePress, 2012)

Review of Notes from a Cartywheel by Cameron Anstee, originally published in the Ottawa Poetry Newsletter

Of Cartywheels & Autopsies:the poetry of Christine McNair & Catherine Owen by Mark McCawley


Canadian Poets Petting Cats: Christine McNair and Lemonade (Evan Munday)

10 Questions for Christine McNair (Cassie Leigh)

Christine McNair on feeling Conflicted (Jeremy Colangelo)

The Proust Questionnaire with Christine McNair (OpenBook Ontario)

12 or 20 questions with Christine McNair by rob mclennan

Interview by Kevin Spenst

Video interview by BookThug of Christine McNair.
(Slight awkwardness and unfortunate cardigan)

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