My short sweet answer: dunno. An excuse to avoid difficult elements in favour of whimsy and eclecticism. Love and URLs, forevah. Yawp.  Also we should note: a common diagnostic phenomenon (intermittent behavioral loss of control of oral intake). Theoretical base star for cartywheel press. Practical pixel blotter for bits of art/video/disjointed words circling the cyclic.

cartywheel press is a new micro-chapbook press of sorts & parts. I’m interested in a holistic approach to the handmade. Works produced in a limited run often include bookbinders’ frippery. The book as physical object is of exaggerated importance for this imprint. Hand binding techniques run intimate with reckless desktop publishing and heavy doses of caffeine.

You can find information about  Literary Landscapes, as well as an archive of my previous shows here: https://cartywheel.wordpress.com/literary-landscapes-ckcu/. I co-host the weekly (Thursday, 6:30 pm, CKCU) show with David O’Meara, Kate Hunt, and Neil Wilson.

My name is Christine McNair. My work has appeared in Prairie Fire, The Antigonish Review, Descant, ottawater, Arc, ditchpoetry.com, the Bywords Quarterly Journal, cv2, and sundry other places. I was shortlisted for the 2011 Robert Kroetsch award and my first collection of poems will be published in 2012 (BookThug).

__Sor ____ sup____no____scrip____li____poti
____ te______er_____rum____to____bri_____atur


6 responses to “About

  1. Hello Christine,

    I’ve been emailing poets on the R. Kroetsch short-list to see if they’re interested in being interviewed on their editing process. So far I have Pearl Pirie up at my site and Jason Christie will follow in the middle of the week. If you’re interested, send me a message at the email above and I’ll fire the five questions your way. (Enjoyed your Tree reading at youtube, shipwreck your breath, what an amazing phrase)


  2. Hi Christine,
    My name is Marion Pynn and I’m an associate publisher at 8th House Publishing, a small publishing house in Montreal.

    As I mentioned in my response to your Twitter callout for show ideas, I think an interview or discussion with Mark Foss about his new novel Spoilers would be a great idea for an upcoming show. Mark hosted a show called “When the Lights Go Down” on your station from 1985-1987, which dealt with film and video. He’s a resident of Wellington village and would be very interested in appearing (so to speak) on your show.

    I think you’d be interested in Spoilers, naturally for its literary merit and Mark’s wonderful reading voice, but also for the way it plays vintage postcards and odd corners of prose into the landscape of the story.

    If this interests you, I’d love to set it up. Please email me with any questions, which I’ll be happy to answer.

    Associate Publisher
    8th House Publishing

  3. In your June 14, 2010 article there is an image of a man drawing a circle with a compass. Is this image copyrighted, I would like to use it as a logo for an engineering project. Thanks.

  4. thanks!!!

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