Charm (or lost appendices)

I’ve been remiss — in all ways, of updating this blog and most updates everywhere. My second book Charm, came out this spring with BookThug, details here:

There was a beautiful launch in Toronto with a baker’s dozen other writers (almost) and then a launch in Ottawa at the Legion with Erin Robinsong and Jennifer Still.

There was a reading in Montreal as part of the Resonance reading series which was perfect. My first trip away from baby #2, sweet Aoife, who is now 18 months.

Which partially explains my remiss-miss. Along with various health issues subsequent to my second dose of pre-eclampsia. Postpartum pre-eclampsia at that. Threading that needle in the haystack.

I will be reading again in Ottawa soon — tomorrow on Saturday, October 21st, at the Manx (5pm, with novelists Michael Blouin and Barbara Sibbald), as part of the Ottawa International Writers Festival. A special Plan99 reading series event, hosted by David O’Meara.

Then later at the Tree Reading Series on Tuesday, November 14th along with Rhombus19, a sound poetry group from the University of Ottawa. Black Squirrel Books at 8pm with an open mic too. And there’s the tree workshop prior on (Multi)lingual Poetry with Manahil Bandukwala.


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