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we tied ourselves in knots (doing cartwheels cross the floor)

just forget it, all right. sugar? honey.


whirl, twirl, and a girl (en vacances)

Gone-a-roving for a little bit. Will be back when the leaves start to burn. Until then, doppelgangbuster.

like a

flickery people flavoured light

Videos now posted (on Tree Reading Series site) of the Hot Ottawa Voices reading. Cameron Anstee, Gillian Wallace and myself.

Cameron Anstee

Gillian Wallace

Christine McNair

my own dear heart

letter of proposal from Jessie Corbett to John Wilks

I feel like an egg in a whisk.

(…) I have the ring, that magic circle, also a cosy cottage in a garden of loveliness so just say the word & we will wed.

Reply dearest to Mary Anne, G.P.O. or if you refuse my offer, forfeit in friends name a pair of gloves.

Leap Year, 1924, from Letters of Note:

open call for cartwheels: chapbook

cart·wheel (kärthwl, -wl)
n. 1. A handspring in which the body turns over sideways with the arms and legs spread like the spokes of a wheel. 2. Slang A large coin, such as a silver dollar.

An open call for cartwheels: poems or quite short fiction relating to the cyclic, cartwheels, cart wheels, or any variation thereof. Loose interpretations are quite acceptable. (For example: cartwheels, but also cart wheels (see: cart, vehicle for transport), cartwheel hats, saint catherine and her wheel, catherine wheels, cartwheel coronal ejections, cartwheel neurons, cartwheel galaxies, cartwheel silver dollars, anything  related to the cyclic, etc, etc, etc.)

I’ll put together a chappy/book with accepted submissions. I’m a bookbinder/typophile and I make decent-looking books. (Know my way round a skiver and the trickeries of InDesign.) Payment = copies of said volume when complete. Expect a small run under the genteel auspices of cartywheel press, early to mid 2011.

The character of submissions will determine my choice of binding style, but I’m leaning towards something a bit more labour-intensive that your typical stapled/sewn chapbook.

Show-offs, show-boats and other spasmodic episodics greatly encouraged. Submissions can be sent to: Deadline: November 1st — we must commune with the saints.

hot ottawa voices: Anstee, McNair & Wallace

Will be reading as part of the Tree Reading Series, “Hot Ottawa Voices”, etcetera. Will be buzzing, supposedly? Details gleaned from Facebook invite:

On Tuesday, August 10th, Tree will host Hot Ottawa Voices, where three local writers will be showcased at the Ottawa Arts Court. Performing will be Cameron Anstee, Christine McNair and Gillian Wallace. These poets are selected because they are doing interesting and creative things in the Ottawa poetry community. They should be on your radar to create more of a buzz in the near future, and chapbooks will be for sale at the reading.
Preceding the reading from 6:45-7:45, Claudia Radmore will lead her first of four workshops on contemporary poetry and how everything is connected: the beauty of juxtaposition, Japanese forms and grabbing inspiration. The evening commences with an open mic at 8pm, which is the second-last chance you have to enter Tree’s Origami Crane open mic competition.
August 10th, 8pm, Ottawa Arts Court (upstairs)