support CKCU Literary Landscapes!

I’d like to request your support in this year’s CKCU funding drive. Each CKCU program is required to help raise enough money to run the almost entirely volunteer-driven station. I even pay for the Lit Landscapes archive out of my own pocket. (Which you can view here, in case you haven’t seen it: There are summaries of previous shows and audio files.)
Any support you can offer to keep the show going would be greatly appreciated. Pledges can be called in from 8am-10pm until Nov 7th at (613) 520-3920 or (1) 877-520-3920 and you can make a secure online donation as well: .
If you (wonderfully, graciously, beautifully) pledge, please be sure to indicate that you’re pledging in support of Literary Landscapes! There’s a space at the top of the online pledge form and/or you can tell the human on the pledge lines.
with gratitude and best wishes,
Christine McNair


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