on preparations

This blog may have been indolent, but I have not been. Busy plotting ridiculous ideas for the binding of the cartwheel anthology. Submissions are coming in at a good clip. You should submit, deadline is November 1st: https://cartywheel.wordpress.com/2010/08/07/open-call-for-cartwheels-chapbook/.

October is the manic month in Ottawa, lots of writing events. See bywords.ca. Trying to make a few acres of space before the busy. Researching topics of interest to the writing projects. Reading a lot about Elizabeth Smart. Reading through a pile of books from the library and those that I bought during the Coach House backlist sale.

Fall’s turn in the cycle of seasons makes me both giddy and morose. It reminds me of those that I miss. I find the idea of ‘missing’ anything interesting right now. People, places, things, ideas. To lack and therefore want? What is it we’re grieving anyways? How much time can a widow spend on a walk?

compilation of Muybridge pics including a cartwheel of sorts.


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