open call for cartwheels: chapbook

cart·wheel (kärthwl, -wl)
n. 1. A handspring in which the body turns over sideways with the arms and legs spread like the spokes of a wheel. 2. Slang A large coin, such as a silver dollar.

An open call for cartwheels: poems or quite short fiction relating to the cyclic, cartwheels, cart wheels, or any variation thereof. Loose interpretations are quite acceptable. (For example: cartwheels, but also cart wheels (see: cart, vehicle for transport), cartwheel hats, saint catherine and her wheel, catherine wheels, cartwheel coronal ejections, cartwheel neurons, cartwheel galaxies, cartwheel silver dollars, anything  related to the cyclic, etc, etc, etc.)

I’ll put together a chappy/book with accepted submissions. I’m a bookbinder/typophile and I make decent-looking books. (Know my way round a skiver and the trickeries of InDesign.) Payment = copies of said volume when complete. Expect a small run under the genteel auspices of cartywheel press, early to mid 2011.

The character of submissions will determine my choice of binding style, but I’m leaning towards something a bit more labour-intensive that your typical stapled/sewn chapbook.

Show-offs, show-boats and other spasmodic episodics greatly encouraged. Submissions can be sent to: Deadline: November 1st — we must commune with the saints.


9 responses to “open call for cartwheels: chapbook

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  3. Are you only allowed to send in one submission.

  4. I didn’t put a limit on the number of submissions, but somewhere in the reasonable range of 1-5 would be good, depending on whether they’re long or short pieces. (One shortish fiction submission perhaps or a few poems.)

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