cartwheel: 11

a baby is a very young child a bird got caught in my throat a broken fence a child is a newborn till a month old a baby until he or she is about three years old and a preschooler between 3 years old and school a fragment of your twinned state a human infant less than a month old is a neonate a mattress aflame singed a stethoscope under my ribs a term may be omitted from a well-known kenning: val-teigs Hildr, the full expression is implied here: a window

there were feet trophoblast chorionic villi gestational sac yolk sac fetal pole rant flickering  flat blade


watchful waiting: related terms include expectant management, active surveillance and masterly inactivity

witchwork devils brew blood vow lit zap monster
heavy burden of iron mezzo-soprano keen thick


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