cartwheel: 10

there’s due course then there’s also a fixed lack of relative position spiral delicious over black angled highway there’s coursework to be done

you lost your maps I pinned them to your black pants you still lost them you didn’t care

I play pick-me-up with bits of this and that and those I can’t remember if we’ll get there in due course

suspended, disbelief flutters on guides by wire airplane engine conks out then kicks in

 trace my outline across a prairie then re-name me, hide m__   _____

                                                                                         ok disgeneral tendencies distinctive features in amongst is it enough that I am sorry for the harm I am not saying it was okay but maybe I had it coming

aped mimic of the right evolved things to say to forgive is divine to let go to throw the baby out with the bathwater cradle on the rocks ghostprint bassinet ether give me more ether

if a growth chart then a stunting unaccounted for a premise of forgettables we do not live we do not grow only hip skip stop drop hiccup

if you use the right words but don’t believe them if you use the right words for wrong reasons then it’s better not to speak at all better to de-evolve a mouth into slitwork but of course I am not an expert in speaking I am a beautiful relic i don’t mind telling you

you are accumulated sad a shine off the bumper a part of the highway I tried to avoid oil slick birds a locus mis-focus barren hen squawking merge where possible

over some city I smile I see  the furthest focal I do not want to land ever I do not remember anything anymore the eternal sunspots of the shyness kind

you misunderstand me it was not okay but could be maybe but then kindness is kidness is unfolding volute eye spiralled treads of tires tarmac iliac seeds we are all nothing there is only this


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