evidence: a chapbook


McNair, Christine. Evidence. Ottawa: cartywheel press: January 2010.

Printed on Canon inkjet printer, hand-sewn w/ linen thread and gilt leather fastening. Hand-tinted with gold ink on cover. Typeset in Mrs. Eaves with black and white 19th century wood engravings (mechanical/mathematical drawings; hands; medieval couple). 24 copies, produced for a reading in Toronto at the end of January, 2010.

Mrs Eaves is a transitional serif typeface designed by Zuzana Licko in 1996, and licensed by Emigre, a typefoundry run by Licko and her husband Rudy VanderLans. 

This typeface is named after Sarah Eaves, John Baskerville’s mistress and eventual wife. Like the widows of Caslon, Bodoni, and the daughters of Fournier, Sarah completed the printing of the unfinished volumes that John Baskerville left upon his death. As noted by Licko, due to its relatively wide proportions as compared with the original Baskerville, the font is useful for giving presence to small amounts of text such as poetry or display as it subtly slows the reader, helping them contemplate the message.

The question is: to reprint or not reprint? I’ve sold/given away all of my copies.


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