ring around the (variance)

A pocket full of posies;
Hush! hush! hush! hush!
We’re all tumbled down.

Ring a ring a Rosie,
A bottle full of posie,
All the girls in our town
Ring for little Josie.

Ring a-ring o’ roses,
A pocketful of posies.
a-tishoo!, a-tishoo!.
We all fall down.

Wir sind der Kinder dreien,
sitzen unter’m Hollerbusch
Und machen alle Huschhuschhusch!

Ring around the rosey,
A pocketful of posies.
ashes, ashes.
We all fall down.

Ring around a rosey,
A pocket full of posey
Husha, husha
We all fall down!.

Ring a ring a rosie
A pocketful of posies
a-tishoo!, a-tishoo!
We all fall down.

Ring-a Ring-a roses,
Pocket full of poses.
Husha, Busha.
We all fall down.

Kolo kolo mlýnský
Za čtyři rýnský,
Kolo se nám polámalo,
Mnoho škody nadělalo,
Udělalo bác!

Ring around the rosey,
Pocket full of posies.
Upstairs, downstairs.
We all fall down.

Picking up the roses,
picking up the roses,
Atishoo!, Atishoo!
We all jump up.

The bird up on the steeple,
Sits high above the people.
ah-tishoo, ah-tishoo.
We all fall down. 

バラの花輪だ 手をつなごうよ,
ポケットに 花束さして,
ハックション! ハックション! 
みんな ころぼ。

Cows in the meadow,
eating buttercups.
thunder, lightning
We all stand up!



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