cartwheel: 6

all of them abstract cubists
all of us  just a wanting
all products of conception
all the bad memories, what
all the dipped down of a wing’s float
all the hurricanes have girl names
all the same streets, still says
all the screws tattering in their bin
all the tellings you told me
all tips no tension

ally ally oxen free

also there are similar words in both languages that have the same meaning

also a choice
also am I lovely
also an alluvial fan

also the word gift, which in English means a present but in German and the Scandinavian languages means poison, or also married, depending on context

never a fool
never paid retail
no love lost
no lunar landing
no man’s cookie
no matter the impetus
no name knuckle
not a saint born
not poultry but ash
not right away

not so good
not so good
not so good

fornever and ever amen


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