cartwheel: 5


I have no specific aim in life.

I am studious, patient, rigorous, austere. I carry out all the plans I make.

I have difficulty adapting to the modern world, to new technology.

I am always at the forefront of progress. Like everything new.

I am frank, honest, full of vigor and ambition. I am amiable, and sociable.

I have problems being open. I accept solitude.

I am intuitive, sensitive. Not a fighter and indecisive. Gentle and yielding.

I am quarrelsome, critical and violent. My success is obtained by dubious means.

I am agreeable company and always in demand.

I am not particularly popular in my circle, but am feared and respected.

All medical, paramedic or social work are recommended. Work in the police field. I can work as a funeral director.

I can fight for a particular ideal but might abandon it along the way, being less convinced than at the beginning of its virtue or because I realize that it is a losing battle. Conflict abroad. Weak point: the throat. I control my feelings.

Not frightened by the unknown, death. I have a tendency to bad dreams.

I have a great sense of observation and quickly grasp the situation. I am a stay-at-home.

I like long voyages, things foreign, water.

I persevere.


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