cartwheel: 1

a honey plumpness
lease nymphs upon
seamen sylph upon
shame openly spun
shape lemony puns
lean suppose hymn
penal hymens soup
unseal hymen pop
apples neon mushy
apples money shun
amen pulse syphon
pane honeys plums
pane solemn pushy
aspen honey slump
pupae hems nylons
pauses lone nymph
a sheen plums pony

a sleep hymns upon

a semen plush pony
a poem penny slush
asleep nymph on us
leash opens my pun
ashen omens ply up
planes hope my sun
pale phones my sun
pale me phony suns
pale me push sonny
pale men push nosy
pale omens shy pun
pale poems shy nun
pale penny uh moss
pale open shuns my
pale open hymns us
sane men oh sly pup


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